What are Skylights?

Unlocking the Potential of Skylights: Illuminating Your Space and Saving Energy

Skylights are glass located on the roof of a building, most often used to provide a room with daylight and ventilation. Skylights used to result in added summertime solar heat and heat loss in the wintertime. Recent developments in skylight design avoid these temperature changes by using methods like sun-tracking or mirrored reflector tools.

  • Sun-tracking Skylights contain external, highly reflective mirror panels above the skylight with a clear plastic enclosure. The panels move continuously throughout the day to best align with the exact position of the sun to maximize sunlight in your building throughout the day. 
  • Mirrored reflectors are mounted next to the skylight to provide optimal daylighting without adding heat during the day or losing it at night.

The Advantages of Skylights

Adding skylights to your building provides more benefits than a typical light source. In addition to getting optimal light distribution, adding skylights to your space enhances the architectural design and adds personality to your space. Skylights also minimize glare and can be great for visually expanding spaces. Get an idea of what skylights can do for your building from some of these examples from our gallery.

Experience Skylight Concepts’ Services

At Skylight Concepts, we offer a comprehensive range of skylight services, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients:

  • Architectural Skylights
    • Experience a diverse selection of commercial and residential architectural skylight systems that offer stunning designs, versatility, impact resistance, and hurricane approval, ensuring they withstand various weather conditions.
  • Commercial Skylight Installation
    • Certified in all types of commercial skylight installation, we excel in diverse projects, from large-scale institutional installations with monumental skylights to custom high-end residential skylights, providing highly skilled glass and glazer experts for a seamless construction interface.
  • Commercial Skylight Repair & Replacement
    • Skilled in commercial skylight repair and replacement, we handle various services, from leak repair to complete replacement in existing and occupied structures.
  • Commercial Skylight Systems
    • Explore a wide range of customizable architectural skylight systems, including innovative designs, materials, and finishes, all backed by NOA approval for hurricane and impact resistance, ensuring worry-free durability in any weather.
  • Impact Resistant Skylights
    • Our impact-resistant skylights are engineered through rigorous testing, meeting Florida and Miami-Dade building code requirements, and exceeding them by using large missile resistance regardless of elevation, ensuring safety and durability in hurricane-prone areas.
  • Point Supported Skylight Systems
    • Point-supported skylight systems maximize sunlight and minimize visible barriers through minimal support framing, using a combination spider system with stainless spiders for support and adjustable swivel heads, ensuring a seamless and customized design.

Discover more about our services and how Skylight Concepts can transform your space with natural light, energy efficiency, and innovative design. Let us illuminate your next skylight project. 

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