Are Commercial Skylights a Good Investment?

Commercial Skylight Systems

Skylights have been around for decades but have become more popular for commercial buildings over the past several years. Should you invest in commercial skylights? It’s shown to be a worthwhile investment due to:

  • Energy Costs
  • Productivity
  • Longevity
  • Property Value

4 Key Reasons Why Natural Lighting Through Skylights Enhances Energy Efficiency

Energy Costs

Commercial building skylights help give your energy bills a break. They produce green energy, meaning they allow natural light to take charge rather than using electrical or gas lighting. This affects both the price companies pay in utilities as well as the impact on global energy. It’s also important to install a skylight based on the climate that works best off the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SGHC) to make sure the building is capitalizing on energy savings.


Aside from energy costs, a benefit of commercial building skylights has to do with the people who work within the building. Studies have shown natural sunlight helps boost moods, reduce stress, and improve focus. As an employer, these are all factors that can lead to an increase in productivity. Happy workers are an asset companies can’t quite put a price tag on. Discover ways to create a healthier workplace.


Although commercial lights have a wide lifespan range, commercial skylights can last up to 15 years. Depending on what type of weather your property typically sustains, like heavy storms and strong winds, they might sustain more damage which shortens their lifespan. Installment also plays a large factor into longevity. Our team has over 60 years of experience in the skylight industry so we’re ready to tackle your skylight needs. Learn about our installation services.

Property Value

As companies focus on lessening their carbon footprint and putting more emphasis on employee satisfaction, skylights help with these factors— all while increasing property value. Financially skylights are seen as an asset; however, they also boost the overall look of a commercial building, thus increasing property value. If you’re renovating your office building, commercial skylights are a worthy investment. Explore our range of skylight solutions.

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