Notice of Acceptance

Florida is known for its turbulent weather conditions throughout hurricane season. In many cases, skylights in Florida must be made from impact-resistant materials and engineered and tested to provide the safety required by the most current building codes.

Manufacturers must obtain a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) from specific regulating agencies in Florida to indicate their products have undergone and passed testing. All products at Skylight Concepts have been through these rigorous tests — we are one of the very limited number of approved manufacturers and the only one based in Florida to pass.

Our extensive product development and internal testing protocols have ensured our products are ready for these tests. Our customers can rest assured that they are receiving a skylight that will withstand the harshest conditions.

Process of Obtaining a Skylight NOA

An NOA certifies that skylight systems from Skylight Concepts comply with Florida building codes and safety standards. Construction projects often require assurance that every component meets or exceeds the safety and performance requirements.

  • Each component of the skylight design is crucial to the quality and safety of the product. Skylights must follow the specific building codes in Miami-Dade County/ and or Florida, including materials used, wind and impact resistance, structural integrity, and water penetration resistance. 
  • Signed and sealed statements from a Florida registered structural engineer must be submitted stating that the product does follow the current Florida Building Code. This statement must include that “the engineer has no financial interest in any parties involved”. 
  • Every company must provide documentation and test data demonstrating their skylight performance under various conditions in a Miami-Dade County or Florida Certified Laboratory. This information must be at most two years from the application for acceptance.
  • Data must include different categories that undergo an extensive range of testing. Miami-Dade County as well as numerous other counties are in the HVHZ and experience high winds, heavy rains, and impact from debris. Testing must conclude that the product will perform under extreme conditions. The engineer must sign and seal the testing results before submitting them for acceptance.
  • Miami-Dade County and Florida Product Control thoroughly review the completed application and supporting documentation. The acceptance process may involve several stages, and any deficiencies or questions may require submitting additional information or clarification.
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