The Benefits of Skylights in Schools

Even when there’s sufficient artificial lighting in a classroom, students may not receive the full array of benefits that natural sunlight delivers. That’s because full-spectrum light affects human health in a variety of ways. Consistent and safe sunlight exposure is essential, especially for young children who are still growing and developing. Reduce Eye Strain Prolonged

The Role of Skylights in Sustainable Building Design for Businesses

Whether you’re designing a new commercial building or renovating an existing structure, it makes sense to incorporate skylights into your building’s design. These features will make your building look more attractive while providing plenty of green benefits.  If operating an eco-friendly business is important to you, discover how commercial skylights will boost your overall sustainability.

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Understanding the ROI of Skylights in Commercial Properties

Even though installing skylights in your commercial building will enhance the beauty and atmosphere in your public spaces, it’s still important to consider the return on your investment.  The installation will involve costs related to the renovation and may require modifying the roof structure. You’ll want to know how this project will positively impact your

Are Commercial Skylights a Good Investment?

Skylights have been around for decades but have become more popular for commercial buildings over the past several years. Should you invest in commercial skylights? It’s shown to be a worthwhile investment due to: Energy Costs Productivity Longevity Property Value 4 Key Reasons Why Natural Lighting Through Skylights Enhances Energy Efficiency Energy Costs Commercial building

Which Type of Skylight is Best for You?

Selecting the ideal skylight requires careful consideration of its size, design, and functionality to suit your specific needs. Whether for a commercial building or a residential home, five main types of skylights stand out as consumer favorites due to their versatility and effectiveness in enhancing natural light. Fixed Skylights Fixed skylights are the most popular

A History of Skylights: Illuminating Architecture Through the Ages

The Ancient Beginnings Skylights have been around for decades but have become more popular for commercial buildings over the past several years. The first evidence of skylights can be found in ancient Roman architecture, including some of the most famous buildings in history like the Pantheon. In those days, skylights were open holes and were

Are Skylights Energy Efficient?

How to Ensure Your Skylights Are Energy Efficient: A Comprehensive Guide. When undertaking skylight installation, choosing the right placement and ensuring careful installation are crucial factors that significantly impact the indoor climate of a building, the daily comfort of its occupants, and the overall energy consumption and cost savings. A perfectly placed skylight can flood

What are Skylights?

Unlocking the Potential of Skylights: Illuminating Your Space and Saving Energy Skylights are glass located on the roof of a building, most often used to provide a room with daylight and ventilation. Skylights used to result in added summertime solar heat and heat loss in the wintertime. Recent developments in skylight design avoid these temperature

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The Art and Functionality of SentryGlas®

Unlocking the Potential of SentryGlas®: Stronger, Clearer, and More Creative Known as an industry leader in commercial glass production and creation, Kuraray has been making specialty glass since 1926. With nearly a century of experience in the glass industry, the company has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Glass Features that Matter Features like

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