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Skylights are an incredible improvement to any commercial or residential space. They let in light and enhance the beauty of an area. However, it is essential to have all the information before investing in one.

If you have questions about Skylight Concepts installing a skylight in your building, don’t worry — we’ve got the answers! With 75 years of combined experience, our principles have gained insight into every facet of the skylight industry. This background makes our team an authority to answer some of the most common questions.

Incorporating a skylight into your building provides several benefits. With standard windows, uneven lighting patterns are expected throughout some rooms. However, skylights are more than just another window. They introduce more natural lighting into specific room areas, touching the spaces your windows cannot reach.

Other significant benefits of a skylight include:

  • Displacing hot air and moisture
  • Saving energy
  • Increasing property value
  • Providing a source of solar heating during the winter
  • Maintaining your privacy

Natural light also elevates your mood and helps prevents mold formation and other fungus growth.

Skylight Concepts experts can carefully retrofit a skylight into an existing building. However, we must determine whether it’s possible with your specific roof. Our skylight specialists can complete a thorough assessment and — when possible — create a plan to incorporate a new fixture.

Skylights are not ideal for every type of roof. Whether your roof can accommodate a skylight largely depends on your roof’s design and the material used for the skylight. You want the skylight to be visible from inside your building. Natural light will not enter your commercial space if an attic or similar area blocks your roof.

Getting an assessment from a Skylight Concepts professional will help determine whether there are potential issues that will limit your ability to have a skylight installed.

The short answer is yes, it matters. You must carefully consider the location of your skylight because it determines how much natural light and solar heat gets into your building. Factors you want to consider when choosing placement include:

  • Skylight direction
  • Roof construction
  • Leak avoidance

Care should be taken to place skylights in areas that are designed to slope water away from the skylight thus avoiding buildup of standing water on roof.

Just like any other product used on the envelope of a building, skylights require routine maintenance. You should have them thoroughly cleaned at least once yearly to remove dust, dirt, and other debris. You should also schedule a yearly inspection, regardless of whether you suspect any issues. Potential problems could be developing that aren’t noticeable from the outside.

Regular cleaning and inspections will save you money from having to repair damage. However, if you do notice any problems before it’s time for your assessment, contact a professional immediately.

An uncovered skylight during installation is a safety hazard for anyone on the roof without adequate fall protection. Although our skylights are designed for impact resistance we do not recommend anyone other than a skylight professional walk or stand on our products and then should be wearing fall protection gear.

Although many newer skylight materials are safety-rated, installing a safety screen or guardrail is still beneficial.

Many skylights last between eight and fifteen years, but several factors influence the lifespan. The longevity of your investment depends on proper installation and routine care to keep it functioning well for longer. Weather conditions, type of roof, and everyday wear and tear all impact the state of your skylight.

If you spot discolored glass or visible cracks, or if you notice any leaks, it’s time to replace your skylight. Our talented team at Skylight Concepts can replace or repair your damaged fixture.

Do you still have questions about skylights? Talk to a specialist from Skylight Concepts. We’ll travel to any location worldwide to provide our services. Contact us today to have your questions answered by an experienced skylight expert.

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