A History of Skylights

Skylights are highly sought after features across a wide variety of design and architecture projects ranging from hotels to malls to hospitals. They offer sunlight, easy temperature management, and enhance the design of a space.

Surprisingly, skylights are not a new concept. The first evidence of skylights can be found in ancient Roman architecture, including some of the most famous buildings in history like the Pantheon. In those days, skylights were open holes and were not closed with glass or other semi-transparent material like they are today. The first examples of open-concept skylights can be found in France during the 1700s and 1800s. As more complex use of glass became prevalent around the world in the 1900s, skylights began to look more like they do today.

After the industrial revolution, people began seeing skylights as opportunities for efficiency for both power and ventilation. Skylights are now rated across a variety of focuses such as visible transmittance (how much light travels through them), internal heat loss, and solar heat gain.

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