Maximizing Natural Light in Your Workspace: The Benefits of Commercial Skylights

The way you use light in your business can impact your employees’ success as well as the impression customers have of your brand. Just think about how you feel when you walk into a brightly lit store versus entering a commercial space that has poor lighting. 

Rather than taking on the excessive energy costs and harsh appearance of more artificial lighting, consider the advantages of installing new commercial skylights.  

Help Your Staff Get More Vitamin D

Although few people get sufficient vitamin D, it is an essential nutrient that affects bone strength, immunity, cellular growth, and blood glucose levels. 

Because your employees spend most of their daylight hours at work, natural light from skylights will help them get more of this vital nutrient. Installing commercial skylights will help your employees protect their long-term health.

Spend Less on Artificial Lighting

Creating a well-lit commercial space will boost the mood of your employees and customers, but that can come at a high cost. Instead of spending more on energy, you can have free natural lighting throughout the lifetime of your business by installing commercial skylights. Larger skylights will maximize this benefit even further.

Help Employees Get Better Sleep

The circadian rhythm is the internal clock within each person that regulates sleep and wakefulness. Limited exposure to sunlight can disrupt the circadian rhythm, keeping people from sleeping well at night. A poorly rested employee will be less efficient, and the quality of their work will suffer. 

When you install commercial skylights in your business, workers will be exposed to more sunlight throughout the day. This exposure can help keep their circadian rhythms on track. Employees will feel sleepier at night and rest better as a result. When they arrive at work, they will feel refreshed and energetic.

Maintain a More Comfortable Indoor Temperature

In addition to providing more natural lighting, the sun’s rays that shine through your commercial skylight will generate heat. In the fall or winter, this extra amount of sunlight will keep your commercial spaces warmer, reducing your need for artificial heating. 

You might notice that your HVAC system will run fewer cycles to maintain a consistent, warm interior temperature.

Improve the Design of Your Business

While commercial skylights provide practical benefits, they also enhance the visual aesthetics of your commercial building. You can choose from a variety of shapes and styles, such as glass domes, rectangles, triangles, and other geometric shapes. 

When you work with a professional skylight installation company, you can explore skylight design options to create a unique and beautiful look that your employees and customers will appreciate.

In addition, you can also use colored glass to customize your skylights. While darker colors might detract from the other benefits that skylights provide, they will enhance the beauty of your indoor space. To take advantage of more skylight benefits, choose a lighter tone that adds color without blocking the sun’s rays.

Make Your Indoor Space Seem More Spacious

Even if you have a large space, it can seem smaller as more customers populate the public areas. Installing new commercial skylights will make any space seem bigger and more open. 

A brighter area will also keep people active as they work and shop. This more active atmosphere will take attention away from spaces that are narrow or cramped. Customer transactions will be quicker, which helps to create a more rapid turnaround rate and less congestion in your public areas.

Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Commercial skylights offer natural lighting and increase ambient heat within your building. In addition to helping you save money on utility costs, these benefits work together to help your business use fewer limited resources. 

Using less energy to heat and illuminate your commercial business will help you meet energy-efficiency standards and help the planet.

Reduce the Effects of Fluorescent Lighting

Without commercial skylights, your business will rely more heavily on the use of fluorescent lighting. While customers who don’t spend much time inside your business may not experience the harmful effects of artificial lighting, your employees are more likely to suffer from exposure. 

Many people don’t enjoy the look of fluorescent lighting. Additionally, these lights increase stress and tension and may contribute to migraine headaches. This type of artificial lighting affects vision by increasing eye strain. You’ll reduce these effects on your employees by installing more skylights and reducing your reliance on artificial lights.

Start Enjoying These Benefits With New Commercial Skylights

Now that you see the advantages that come with installing commercial skylights, you’re ready to begin transforming your workplace. Contact Skylight Concepts to choose the right skylights for your business. You’ll find a variety of options, so it will be easy to match your new skylights to your current or planned design. 

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