The Art and Functionality of SentryGlas®

Unlocking the Potential of SentryGlas®: Stronger, Clearer, and More Creative

Known as an industry leader in commercial glass production and creation, Kuraray has been making specialty glass since 1926. With nearly a century of experience in the glass industry, the company has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Glass Features that Matter

Features like water resistibility, durability, lightness, and clarity all factor into how your product is designed and made. It also determines how the glass will be used whether it be for things like windows, facades, overhead glazing, and/or doors and partitions. 

The Evolution of SentryGlas®

So, it’s no wonder that Kuraray’s products, SentryGlas® and SentryGlas® Expressions, are causing a buzz in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. Here’s why SentryGlas® stands out:

  • Five times more robust and up to 100 times more rigid than traditional laminating materials.
  • Initially designed for hurricane-resistant glazing applications in the United States, SentryGlas® Interlayer has broadened its application range to include security and structural glazing, protection against bomb blasts, ballistics, and marine vessels.
  • Available in both sheet and roll formats for ease of use by glass producers and laminators.

Creative Freedom with SentryGlas® Expressions

Because SentryGlas® is a durable glass product that has shown less vulnerability to moisture exposure or yellowing over time, structural engineers and architects are recognizing it as an important element of a building design. Taking a step towards the more creative side of glass design, SentryGlas® Expressions gives architects, interior designers, and structural engineers limitless possibilities for building aesthetics. 

Using a special, proprietary technology, SentryGlas® Expressions™ laminators print, then laminate the image or pattern on the PVB before encapsulating it in glass. With this kind of technology, the designer only needs to have a limitless imagination.

Transformative Architectural Projects

Explore Skylight Concepts’ project gallery to see how architects and designers have transformed spaces using SentryGlas® Expressions.

Quality, Innovation, and Protection

SentryGlas® and SentryGlas® Expressions are optimal choices for architects and designers looking for quality and longevity. It helps builders do more with less, allowing for innovation while providing greater protection for patrons or occupants. SentryGlas® structural interlayer performance helps architects and glazed building system manufacturers meet society’s need for greater security, energy efficiency, noise reduction, healthful living, safety, and maintenance ease. 

With its exceptional quality and industry-leading performance, you can anticipate this product setting the standard across the industry for years to come.

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