Point Supported Skylight Systems

Looking for an all glass appearance? In many cases a point supported skylight is an ideal option. Using our combination spider system, glass is supported with stainless spiders of two, three and four point attachments based on project requirements.

Spiders are available with swivel head configurations for adjustment to accommodate up to 6 degrees of angle change. Mounting fittings are available as button head or recessed flat head.

Every project is engineered to determine the allowable glass size, glass makeup and finish conditions to match surrounding architectural components.

If you are looking for an innovative solution for overhead glazing outside the traditional structurally supported framework then we recommend using our point supported skylight system utilizing stainless steel spider fittings and rotules.

This system allows water to flow off the skylight unimpeded thus eliminating standing water and debris that may otherwise form. Our engineers will design the appropriate spiders and glass to meet the requirements of your individual project. The components of the system may be polished or satin stainless steel and rotules can either be countersunk or buttonhead.

point supported skylight system