Fall Protection

Fall Protection

OSHA mandates that skylights are to be considered a hatchway, i.e., an opening in the roof of a building through which persons may fall. As a consequence skylights in the roof of buildings through which persons may fall while walking or working shall be guarded by a standard skylight screen or a fixed standard railing on all exposed sides, capable of withstanding a load of at least 200 lbs.

On the other hand, plastic skylight fall protection screens can provide the necessary structural integrity to support the 200 lb. load would not be required to be further safeguarded, since it would meet the intended function of a screen as well.

Should there be a requirement to fall protect an existing skylight, we also offer a steel fall protection screen to be installed from the exterior of the skylight. To learn more about skylight fall protection requirements, visit the OSHA website.

Fall Protection Units

Fall protection Thermalized® Solar Energy Skydomes® provide outstanding safety characteristics in compliance with OSHA Fall Protection Regulations. Available in both curb-mount and deck-mount configurations, features include:

  • Dome or pyramid style
  • Engineered to resist 1200 ft. lb. impact without the use of metal grids or screens
  • Uniform design-load capability to meet or exceed 40 psf snow loads
  • Permatherm® extruded vinyl curb frame with thermally fused corners
  • Impact Resistant Glazing

Model FPA deck-mount version includes 9″ or 12″ curb, double-wall 1″ fiberglass insulated aluminum skin design, heliarc welded aluminum corners and integral roof membrane termination pocket

Fall Protection Screens

Fall Protection Screens are constructed of 12 gauge 1″ x 1″ galvanized wire mesh to meet OSHA Fall Protection Regulations. They are available for all types of skylights, whether or not Wasco manufactured the unit. Call Technical Support for assistance in updating your existing skylights to current standards.

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