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Are skylights energy efficient?

When installing skylights, the placement and installation can truly make a difference. Not only can the indoor climate of the building and the day-to-day life of anyone in and out the doors be affected, but so can the amount of energy and therefore money can depend on that as well. A perfectly-placed skylight can bring…

What are Skylights?

Skylights are glass located on the roof of a building, most often used to provide a room with daylighting and ventilation. Skylights used to result in added summertime solar heat and heat loss in the wintertime. Recent developments in skylight design avoid these temperature changes by using methods like sun-tracking or mirrored reflector tools. What…

The Art and Functionality of SentryGlas®

  Known as an industry leader in commercial glass production and creation, Kuraray has been making specialty glass since 1926. When you’ve been in the glass making business for 90+ years, you learn a lot about glass. Features like water resistibility, durability, lightness, and clarity all factor into how your product is designed and made….