Which Type of Skylight is Best for You?

When picking out a skylight, it’s important to consider size, design, and functionality. Whether it’s a commercial or residential space, there are five types of skylights that are most popular among consumers.

Fixed Skylights

Fixed skylights are the most popular type of skylight. They are flat, rectangular pieces of glass or plastic that increase and enhance the natural light in a space, typically without opening. Whether you pick just one or multiple, fixed skylights work well in a variety of spaces like a bedroom, living space, or office–simply bringing more light to your day-to-day life, affordably.

Ventilated Skylights

As the weather cools down and the leaves change colors, letting fresh air into your home can fill any room with a positive mood. Ventilated skylights are similar to fixed skylights, but they open up to allow air flow. A ventilated skylight is great in a kitchen or bathroom to release moisture in the air and increase air flow. While it may be more expensive, it’s best to get a ventilated skylight with a remote to easily open and close the skylight.  

Tubular Skylights 

Bringing light into any space can open up the area tremendously; in smaller homes, allowing additional lighting in through skylights is an efficient tactic. As the name suggests, these skylights are tubular with a bubble-like window at the end that draws in light. Tubular skylights are a good choice for smaller spaces and spaces with attics between the ceiling and roof. 

Dome Skylights

Dome skylights are typically a rectangular or square shape with a bubble on the outside like the Tubular skylight. The Dome skylight is unique, as it captures light from all angles throughout the day and adds dimension to the space.

Pyramid Skylights

Pyramid skylights are great for adding a dramatic design-appeal. Similar to the dome skylight, the pyramid skylight grabs light at all times of day and enhances the aesthetic of the space. Architectural skylights are a very popular piece of what we do at Skylight Concepts.

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