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When shopping for your residential skylight, you must think about which angle, shape and location will work best in your home. Once you’ve made those decisions, it’s time to think about what material you would like used in your skylight: glass or plastic. Each has its own set of benefits and downfalls. Plastic skylights, while less costly, do not typically do well in the long run. Plastic is a softer material that can become discolored and tends to scratch more easily than glass; it can be more likely to crack as it becomes rigid or brittle with the passing of time; additionally, unless coated with a special UV-protected layer, plastic skylights may cause the furniture in that room to fade.

Residential glass skylights; however, are more durable and impact resistant. Glass skylights are also more effective when it comes to regulating energy costs for your home. We offer many different types of flat glass skylights to suit any house, including yours! We have models that open (some motorized), allowing you to further enjoy the feeling of being outdoors while inside your home. We have brand-name models that come with an extended warranty as well as our own curb mounted or standard self-flashing flat glass skylights. Whatever your residential glass skylight needs may be, Skylight Concepts has the products and the tools to make your project a success!